Killerguides Aion Leveling Guide Review

Killerguides is a long time publisher of quality guides for online games. Aion is their latest venture and their authors seem to have produced the second best guide currently available.


  • Learn the highly efficient leveling and questing techniques utilized by the experts
  • Discover the many different methods that can be used to propagate Kinah inflow
  • Really get to know Aion from the basics up to the advanced details
  • Get in-depth synopses of the game mechanics and easily master every part of the game
  • Find out about all the 8 professions that are available in the game and what they serve
  • Refer to a complete and fully furnished equipment list to aid in gear selection
  • Get your hands on insider strategies for both soloing and grouping for each class

I give this guide 5 stars since it's nicely written, suited for both beginners and experienced players and has many additional bonuses in addition to a leveling guide. However, I recommend Kozen's Aion Leveling Guide since it has everything included as this guide and more.


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