What to Expect From Aion Online

If you are an enthusiastic MMORP games fan, then you must be thrilled about Aion. And if you are not, chances are that you don't have a clue about the game, and that you have only been reading and listening to all the excited previews and comments on the internet, and have not made an effort to check the visual previews.

First of all, Aion offers a detailed and interesting storyline. The dramatic nature of its conflict and the nature of its belligerent factors add to the spice of the role-playing adventures that you can pursue in the game. It is not like any other fantasy game, but allows a wide range of different classes, with different specializations and powers, which broadens your choices and poses a greater challenge for decision making.

The graphics of Aion are second to none, and you can see that for yourself by checking out the screenshots and multimedia content available on the internet, which offer a great preview. The graphics of Aion display remarkable realism and its spectacular effect really complements the gameplay, enhancing your experience of the game. It offers winged characters that fly, and if you have heard of that before in MMORP games, what about air-borne battles? Aion even enables you to battle while flying, a unique feature indeed.

It has an amazing P v P v E scenario, which is larger than offered by any other MMORPG, even World of Warcraft. The battle environment in Aion is known as the Abyss, which is made up of three layers: a top layer, a middle layer and the bottom layer. There are five fortresses and eight artifacts in the top layer, one fortress and seven artifacts in the middle layer and three fortresses and seven artifacts housed in the bottom layer, and you battle for their control with rival groups.

Aion has revolutionized the gameplay experience of MMORP games, and has introduced ground breaking features, using the CryEngine engine for its visually stunning graphics. It is a gaming experience many people are waiting for. Prepare yourself for Aion.


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