Kozen's Aion Leveling Guide Review

Kozen's Aion Leveling Guide
Kozen is the author of the bestselling Warhammer Online guide and has now written a quality Aion Online leveling and mastery guide which is currently the top rated guide!

  • complete, step-by-step, detailed leveling guide
  • includes maps and screenshots
  • both Asmodian & Elyos leveling guides are included
  • includes a crafting and gathering guide, flight guide, enchantments, manastones and godstone guides, and a kinah making guide
Previously, Killerguides leveling guide was the top rated guide here but Kozen's guide simply offers more bonuses and is in my opinion written in a better way. Much like Killerguides, it comes with a lot of additional bonuses which are really helpful, as well as a high number of videos and member forums where you can discuss the strategies found in this guide and find new ones.

Overall, Kozen's Aion Leveling Guide is definitely the best guide currently available and I recommend you check it out: it delivers!

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