Aion Mastery Leveling Guide Review

Aion Mastery the newest guide just recently released. It's no doubt one of the top Aion leveling guides, but keep reading to find out the whether it's the best or not.

Aion Mastery currently includes both Elyos and Asmodian leveling guides, finished up to level 40. The last ten levels will be finished soon which will make this a really complete Aion guide.

The leveling guides include maps of each area, but unfortunately they don't have any quick reference numbers as found in some other guides I reviewed so far. I used it for about 10 levels and found out it's just as good as other guides on the speed leveling front.

There are a few downsides to this leveling guide: there are no screenshots to help you out on tricky quests, and no links to Aion Armory where you could get some more help about a particular quest. Unfortunately, you'll have to type the quest in manually. There is an occasional tip next to a quest giving you more info about what you have to do but more than often you'll have to find more info somewhere else. Kozen's leveling guide is more detailed.

Aion Mastery also includes a kinah guide which is actually really good. Currently there's over 40 pages of useful info which I doubt you'll find anywhere online, and it's more detailed than the kinah guide in Kozen's or Killerguides' guides. It won't make you a millionaire over night but it's a great resource nevertheless.

The biggest downside to Aion Mastery in my opinion is its price. The complete package (Elyos leveling guide, Asmodian leveling guide and Kinah guide) costs $67 which is pretty high. Overall, I think Kozen's Aion leveling guide is still better and has more additional guides, and is a more affordable choice.

Download Kozen's Aion Leveling Guide

Kozen's Aion Leveling Guide Review

Kozen's Aion Leveling Guide
Kozen is the author of the bestselling Warhammer Online guide and has now written a quality Aion Online leveling and mastery guide which is currently the top rated guide!

  • complete, step-by-step, detailed leveling guide
  • includes maps and screenshots
  • both Asmodian & Elyos leveling guides are included
  • includes a crafting and gathering guide, flight guide, enchantments, manastones and godstone guides, and a kinah making guide
Previously, Killerguides leveling guide was the top rated guide here but Kozen's guide simply offers more bonuses and is in my opinion written in a better way. Much like Killerguides, it comes with a lot of additional bonuses which are really helpful, as well as a high number of videos and member forums where you can discuss the strategies found in this guide and find new ones.

Overall, Kozen's Aion Leveling Guide is definitely the best guide currently available and I recommend you check it out: it delivers!

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FTWGuides Aion Leveling Guide

FTWGuides is a veteran publisher of MMO leveling guides who wrote overall a decent leveling guide, but not necessarily the best.

FTWGuides leveling guide currently goes to level 30 for both factions, which I should note sell separately unlike Killerguides leveling guide. FTWGuides Aion leveling guide is pretty detailed and includes maps and some tips and tricks.

The interesting fact is that this leveling guide comes in online form, unlike other guides which are downloadable PDFs. It's probably a matter of personal preference which one you like more, but one positive side is FTWGuides has quests linked to AionArmory for quick reference.

Overall, I think FTWGuides Aion leveling guide is better than KFGuides and definitely better than Fantoms guide, but doesn't have what it takes to compete with Killerguides or Kozen's Leveling Guide which I recommend.

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KFGuides Aion Leveling Guide Review

KFGuides stands for Krinadon and Faiona's guides. They wrote a decent leveling guide for both Elyos and Asmodian factions, however I still give a better rating to Killerguides guide.

The guide currently goes to level 30 for both factions and is nicely written with maps and screenshots to help you figure things out. It basically lists quests and tells you to go from A to B to C.

The important negative side of KFGuides is the fact that Asmodian and Elyos guides sell separately, and you'll have to pay additionally for updates which are included for free in Killerguides leveling guide as well as Kozen's leveling guide which is now the top rated guide.

KFGuides Aion leveling guide is a simple and straightforward guide, and that's all it is. Kozen's guide for comparison has more bonuses and it's still my top recommendation.

Fantoms Aion Leveling Guide Review

Wesley, the author of Fantoms Aion leveling guide previously wrote a guide for Warhammer but it's no longer available. I didn't get a chance to read it, but if it's any similar to his Aion leveling guide no wonder it's gone.

Unfortunately, Fantoms leveling guide is only written for Asmodian faction, and at least now doesn't go above level 7. The author claims you will level up in 3 days by using his leveling guide but I'm not even sure it's possible, and I assume he didn't do it either.

This will be a short review since I don't have much to write about: even though his site is nice and his claims interesting, I don't know what his goals are. If the guide is updated in the future I'll be sure to update this review, but for now I really can not recommend Fantoms leveling guide to anyone.

The download link however is here for those who still want to check this leveling guide out, but it got a 1 out of 5 stars for a reason.

Killerguides Aion Leveling Guide Review

Killerguides is a long time publisher of quality guides for online games. Aion is their latest venture and their authors seem to have produced the second best guide currently available.

  • Learn the highly efficient leveling and questing techniques utilized by the experts
  • Discover the many different methods that can be used to propagate Kinah inflow
  • Really get to know Aion from the basics up to the advanced details
  • Get in-depth synopses of the game mechanics and easily master every part of the game
  • Find out about all the 8 professions that are available in the game and what they serve
  • Refer to a complete and fully furnished equipment list to aid in gear selection
  • Get your hands on insider strategies for both soloing and grouping for each class

I give this guide 5 stars since it's nicely written, suited for both beginners and experienced players and has many additional bonuses in addition to a leveling guide. However, I recommend Kozen's Aion Leveling Guide since it has everything included as this guide and more.

What to Expect From Aion Online

If you are an enthusiastic MMORP games fan, then you must be thrilled about Aion. And if you are not, chances are that you don't have a clue about the game, and that you have only been reading and listening to all the excited previews and comments on the internet, and have not made an effort to check the visual previews.

First of all, Aion offers a detailed and interesting storyline. The dramatic nature of its conflict and the nature of its belligerent factors add to the spice of the role-playing adventures that you can pursue in the game. It is not like any other fantasy game, but allows a wide range of different classes, with different specializations and powers, which broadens your choices and poses a greater challenge for decision making.

The graphics of Aion are second to none, and you can see that for yourself by checking out the screenshots and multimedia content available on the internet, which offer a great preview. The graphics of Aion display remarkable realism and its spectacular effect really complements the gameplay, enhancing your experience of the game. It offers winged characters that fly, and if you have heard of that before in MMORP games, what about air-borne battles? Aion even enables you to battle while flying, a unique feature indeed.

It has an amazing P v P v E scenario, which is larger than offered by any other MMORPG, even World of Warcraft. The battle environment in Aion is known as the Abyss, which is made up of three layers: a top layer, a middle layer and the bottom layer. There are five fortresses and eight artifacts in the top layer, one fortress and seven artifacts in the middle layer and three fortresses and seven artifacts housed in the bottom layer, and you battle for their control with rival groups.

Aion has revolutionized the gameplay experience of MMORP games, and has introduced ground breaking features, using the CryEngine engine for its visually stunning graphics. It is a gaming experience many people are waiting for. Prepare yourself for Aion.